Migration of .ATMX to .XAML


How to migrate .ATMX file to .XAML .
I have few automation anywhere licenses which i am not satisfied in execution and accuracy.So i want to migrate all my robots to UIPATH without re-developing it should be in few days of time.


Can someone assist on migration of .ATMX to .XAML ??


Hi @saicharanraj,

UiPath has few features which are not present in AA as vice-versa. As per my knowledge we cannot convert .ATMX to .XAML. All we have to re-dev the things.

or let us wait for someone who knows AA well to reply to this.



Exactly. But as per my knowledge both work on Dotnet frameworks so there should be some relative task which should work and I am trying for that.


They both work on the same .net framework but for your knowledge AA uses Uipath sdk with their tool so similar activities you will find but still their will be some difference and their implementations also difference in some matters.

You can rebuild that here easily by using its flow diagram feature :slight_smile:



I’m planning to convert .ATMX to DLL.

Will that DLL works in UI PATH ?


how are you planning to do the conversion?
if you translate the AA commands into you own custom codes, than yes… otherwise I don’t see any method. The atmx file is just an xml and all the data inside has a meaning for AA alone - it does not follow a standard pattern (as a html file for example which has the same meaning in all browsers).