Certification, practical part, REFramework

I failed my practical exam because of time, but I will retry.
The specifications say to use REFramework.
I remember reading that the best practice is to use the REFramework for the Performer, but not for the Dispatcher.
Should I use REFramework also for the Dispatcher? If the answer is “doesn’t matter”, I would prefer doing it.

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i hope that would be mentioned in the PDD document itself and probably the answer would be YES
Please go ahead and
my best wishes for your examination.

Cheers @Kon_T_Amusse


Yes you have to use REFramework for both Dispatcher and Performer. It’s mandatory for practical exam.

All the best for your next attempt :slight_smile:

Please confirm my understanding, to avoid any possible doubt.
In order to follow best practices, and exams specifications, I need to create two separate projects, both using ReFramework. This might be, for instance, the directory structure:


Create a REFRAMEWORK with dispatcher
And another REFRAMEWORK with performer

Use a project to call these two in sequence using invoke workflow file activity

While submitting zip them all together and submit

Cheers @Kon_T_Amusse


Yes exactly. Once it done put both these processes into one single folder and zip it. And then upload there for evaluation.