Center of Excellence for beginners

Hi Community!

We are starting our RPA Journey and we wanted to know about CoE, are there courses at the Academy so that we can study about it?

Thank you

Yes , you can start learning UiPath tool on

Hi @pasimon

Establishing a CoE involves lot of background work to be done and lot of things to be met. However, before all that, the main point is to get some resources trained and certified as that is the key in setting up a CoE.

So, as @ImPratham45 mentioned, get yourself and the team traiined through the academy courses. Next, you can get the certification through the certification platform.

This is the first step in setting up the CoE :slight_smile:

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Noted on this, Thank you @Lahiru.Fernando and @ImPratham45.

How about RPA Governance? What is it? What should be in it?