Catching exceptions with Activity name & message

I have a scenario where I will place the test case in Try block. I will create a single catch exception(System.exception)

My Requirement:
I want to display(ex: in message box), the exact activity where the exception occured along with its reason.

Please help

Buddy @rameshgp43 along the exception mention as
exception.source + exception.Message in the message box
this would give you the activity where that exception occurs and reason aswell buddy @rameshgp43
Kindly try this and let know buddy

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Hi palaniyappan,

I tried that along with exception.message.

But, its displaying as “System.Activities” without specifying about the image.

exception.message is just displaying “Image not found”

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buddy its exception.source and put that in log message activity buddy @rameshgp43

did that work buddy with log message activity @rameshgp43

Hi…no its not working…its just capturing as"system.activities" & “Image not found”

@Palaniyappan: Thanks for your reply.

It finally worked for me. There is a small condition for this to work.

In the try block, if you directly give the workflow, we cannot get the activity details. It’s that you need to give only invoke workflow activity in try block to get the activity details along with error.

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Thats great buddy
thanks for the info
Cheers @rameshgp43

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