Capture a KeyPress To Show A Form


I have a process that displays a Config Form and executes activities based on the selected values. These values are saved in a database and is retrieved when the process is restarted to act as default values in the Config Form.

I am planning to show this Config Form only when certain keys are pressed, say CTRL+S. When the process starts, if it detects a CTRL+S, it shows the Config Form, else, it will bypass the form and continue to the next process.

So how can I detect CTRL+S during the execution?


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You can try using local trigger events

but try choosing a different trigger as this is used for many things


Hi Anil Gorthi,

Can you show me an example on how to go about it?

I’ve tried using the trigger scope and a hotkey local trigger but it seems it does not do conform to what i want.

Below is the general flow of my process. Hope you can help.

Okay. I’ve found a workaround by using the Parallel activity and using the trigger scope(set to OneTime) and a hotkey trigger activity.

When no key is pressed between the detection period, I triggered the hotkey using the SendKeys.SendWait(String) method and perform some evaluation to set the bDetected variable value.


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