Ctrl X and Ctrl S don't work when I launch studio

Before I launch studio, the keys work, but once i open the program, the Ctrl X and Ctrl S shortcuts stop functioning. I removed my keyboard device from devices and printers, then connected again, restarted my pc, and the issue persists. Any help is much appreciated.

Do you have Studio as the active application when you’re pressing these shortcuts?

When you do CTRL+S it should save the active xaml file, but only if it has changes (there’s an * next to the filename on the tab).

When you do CTRL+X you have to have an activity selected in your code. Is that what you’re doing?

yes I know that any changes done would show an *. And when I press Ctrl S, nothing happens. Sometimes it works sometimes it doesn’t. When I’m trying to cut a string word, nothing happens as well. Ctrl C and Ctrl V both work however.

Oh I figured what the problem was. I had a small program that resizes any other program to a fixed position and size. It was mapping the keys to something else which is why they weren’t working. All’s good now.

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