Cant use asset from Orchestrator - Organization Unit Error

I have created an asset in Orchestrator. The asset works in an existing project. But when I created a new project, and try to use the same asset, I get an error - Organizational Unit is required. Is there somewhere in project settings where this needs to be enabled?


Hi @katrinah,
Wich version of Studio and UiPath.System package do you have? Please also make sure you are connected to right tenant. You should see the green icon on the right bottom corner. I’m asking this because you should see one more property in you activity:
This is crucial for automation so it can take the right asset from the right location in your tenant.

version - UiPath Studio 20.10.4.
is it UiPath.System.Activities you mean ? that is 20.10.3

I see in one project, I dont even have the option for OrchestratorFolderPath, and the other project there is. Why would that be?


Both projects are using the right tenant. But only 1 project works with the asset.

It’s really weird. If you are able to provide this project where the problem exist I could take a closer look. If you afraid of data privacy or something please click the Send Feedback option in Studio and attach it there. I will be able to check it :slight_smile: