One user belonging to multiple organizations


I’m experiencing issue because my user is associated to two different organization units and when i try to execute framework through UiPath Studio (community version) i get this kind of error:
“Loading asset System1_URL failed: An organization unit is required for this action. Error code: 1101”,

Looking in google i have found this link: Error 1101: An organization unit is required for this action · Issue #1 · UiPath/orchestrator-powershell · GitHub

It looks that if you have a user (like mine) associated to two different Organization Units Orchestrator is not executed

Please can anybody confirm this is a bug and in case how i can remove the obsolete organization unit in order to make run orchestrator associated to my latest Organization Unit?

Hi @bzmatteo

Have you tried updating the activity packages of the process? Could you let us know if the same happens on the new project?

Please also have a look at these topics, each contains a post marked as a solution to the error message you’ve received: