Can't upload next solution

Hello everyone!
I’m doing my advenced developer course and already did “calculate client security hash” exercise, which is passed on previous academy websites.
Seems like my solution is also passed on this new acedemy website as well but on the main page it shows its “in progress”.
unfortunately I cannot upload next(Generate yearly report) solution because it says needs solve previous exercise.
Someone could you tell me how can I solve this issue?
I attached the picture.

Hello @anudar.dorjgotov, welcome to the UiPath forum community!

This could either be an Academy related issue or a browser related one.
Since I can’t do much to help you if it’s an Academy related one, let’s try taking the browser approach first:

  • Try logging out of your academy account and clearing your browser cache.
  • Log in again using your email address.
  • If it doesn’t work try using a different browser, maybe IE or Firefox and see how it goes.

If the browser approach doesn’t work, we can try flagging a UiPath staff here, or maybe submit a request to the academy support group.

Happy learning, stay safe and healthy! :vulcan_salute:

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Hi @BenMar! Thank you for help!
It was an academy bug, but it already solved by uipath technical support.
Wish you the best and stay safe!

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@anudar.dorjgotov, Glad to know that the issue has been resolved.

Happy learning, wishing you the best as well! :vulcan_salute: