Can't save excel attachment with file name contain parentheses in filter

the file name with parentheses is detected on filter but can’t be saved.

if i remove the parentheses in the file name, it still can be detected on filter and can be saved.

what is wrong? uipath bug?

@loginerror maybe u can help?

even if i hard code the filter in save attachments activity with “QUOTATION-X31976-K645 (test).xlsx” it still can’t save the exact file.

if the file name don’t have parentheses and the filter is also not include parentheses, it can be saved.


The filter is based on regex. So can you try the following?

strFilter = attach.Name.Replce("(","\(").Replace(")","\)")

Then set strFilter in filter property.


i first thank you for your reply.

i just aware that filter is based on regex when i move my cursor on “filter” haha.

so i handle it like this and the problem is solved now.


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