SAP BAPI Activities Package


I need to automate SAP S/4 HANA TRM using UiPath Studio. I tried to install the
UiPath.SAP.BAPI.Activities Package but it shows the message as “No compatibility with Windows project”.

Can anyone assist, how to automate SAP S/4 HANA.

Thanks in Advance.

PFA of the Manage Package Screenshot.


Would recommend to have a view on this thread for discussion around this topic

Also we have got few accelerators in UiPath marketplace for SAP S/4HANA
Check if it is good to use for your requirement

Cheers @Damodaran_B


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SapBapi is not yet migrated to windows compatibility so you cannot use it…if you want to use try to build a process with windows-legacy compatibility

Alternately you can try using the normal sap activities to work on with any sap related automations


Thanks for the response.

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Thanks for the response. Will check and try.

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Hi @Damodaran_B

The error message “No compatibility with Windows project” suggests that the UiPath.SAP.BAPI.Activities package you’re trying to install may not be compatible with your UiPath project type. SAP automation in UiPath often requires special integration and components.

Here’s a general guide to automate SAP S/4 HANA TRM using UiPath Studio:

  1. Check Compatibility: Ensure that your version of UiPath Studio is compatible with the UiPath.SAP.BAPI.Activities package. Sometimes, packages are designed for specific UiPath versions, so make sure they match.
  2. SAP GUI Installation: SAP automation often requires SAP GUI to be installed on the machine where you are running your UiPath automation. Ensure you have the necessary SAP GUI version and configurations.
  3. Install UiPath SAP Automation Package: Instead of UiPath.SAP.BAPI.Activities, you may want to use the official UiPath SAP Automation package.


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