Can't find package for microsoft.activities.extension for dictionary activities,thanks for any help!

Can’t find package for microsoft.activities.extension for dictionary activities,thanks for any help!!!

Hi @Sai_Kumar_111

Check the below thread.


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I believe you are on windows compatibility and in windows that package is deprecated…so it is not available

but any activities related to dictionary can be directly done using assign

dict("Key") = "Value" - to assign a key with value
dict.keys to get a list of keys

dict("KeyName") - to get the value usign key

everything can be done directly

Hope this helps


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can you please let me know whats the variable type need to be selected for variable “value”…

Depends on the dictionary:
new Dictionary(of String, Int32) - Value is of int32
new Dictionary(of String, String) - Value is of String etc.

new Dictionary(of String, Object) - Value can be string, int32…
Access myDict("MyKey") as usually
convert / cast the returned value into the needed DataType e.g. Convert.ToInt32(myDict("MyKey"))

Hi Peter,here i’m just using an excel file like referring "title "as key and “details” as value,taking them in data table and using for each loop…im little confused what can these key and value variable types can be given!!!thanks for any help…

So it could be a Dictionary (Of String, String)
myDict = new Dictionary (Of String, String)()

For each row in Datatable | currentRow in YourDTVar

  • Assign Activitiy:
myDict(currentRow("Titel").toString.Trim ) = currentRow("Details").toString.Trim 
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As per the screenshot both are strings

So dictionary(of string,string) should work

In assign you can uselike this

dict(currentrow(0).ToString) = currentrow(1).ToString

I hope you are looping on datatable then assign is inside the for loop

Initialize the dictionary before for loop using dict = New dictionary(of string,string)

Here dict is the dictionary variable


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Thank you peter this worked…

Thank you Anil…this helped me understanding the concept…

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Thank you Varun…this helped me understanding the concept…

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