Unable to install package for Dictionary

Dear Team,
I’m unable to install package for Dictionary type activities, where as I searched for (Microsoft.Activities.Extensions) but I’m unable to find it. Please resolve the issue.

we assume that your project is defining “Windows” as selected TargetFramework

Microsoft.Activities.Extensions Package is only available for the Windows - Legacy targetframework.

However, we can work with dictionaries as well with the following alternates:

Samples for a String, Int32 Dict

yourDict = new Dictionary(Of String, Int32)

(assign Activity) ~ Add to Dict:
yourDict(“YourKey”) = 123

(assign Activity) ~ Get From Dict:
myVar = yourDict(“YourKey”)

(assign Activity) ~ Key Exists in Dict
yourBool = yourDict.ContainsKey(“YourKey”)

(assign Activity) ~ Value Exists in Dict
yourBool = yourDict.Values.Contains(YourCheckValue)

for remove or clear we would use Invoke method or would do some tricks for using an assign activity

Thank you…

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