Can't Find Machine Key

I am attempting to set up an unattended robot on a server. I had it working but it was not installed using the unattended robot so it kept disconnecting from orchestrator. I have now reinstalled UiPath as an unattended robot but I am unable to connect to orchestrator due to me not being able to find the Machine Key. My machines tab is shown below.

The only one that works is that middle one, however, that is the only one that does not have a machine key associated with it. I am new to orchestrator so I probably have something set up wrong. How can I get the machine key for that machine?

Run a GET request for https://ORCHESTRATOR_HOSTNAME/odata/Machines?$top=1000&$expand=UpdateInfo&$orderby=Name%20asc

In the response look for Key as that is your MachineKey.


How do I do this?

In your browser right-click on the page → Inspect → Network


Access your Orchestrator machines and look for Machines?$top=1000&$expand=UpdateInfo&$orderby=Name%20asc

Then check the Response.

Look please closely at the above screenshot.

Thank you! I did that and it is saying invalid machine key. Anymore advice?

Create a new machine template an use that Machine Key.