Can't delete a package

I have been trying to delete a package in Orchestrator. It shows active in the GUI and I do understand that you cannot delete an active package. I do not have any jobs attached to this process. I have also tried to delete from the API. Below is the output from It shows the process/package is not active nor the latest version.

“IsActive”: false,
“SupportsMultipleEntryPoints”: true,
“MainEntryPointPath”: null,
“RequiresUserInteraction”: true,
“IsAttended”: false,
“TargetFramework”: “Windows”,
“Title”: “cicd-test_Tests”,
“Version”: “1.0.135189795”,
“Key”: “cicd-test_Tests:1.0.135189795”,
“Description”: “Blank Process”,
“Published”: “2023-04-14T16:43:34.7333333Z”,
“IsLatestVersion”: false,
“OldVersion”: null,
“ReleaseNotes”: null,
“Authors”: “”,
“ProjectType”: “TestAutomationProcess”,
“Tags”: “VisualBasic VB UiPathStudioProcess UiPathTestCases”,
“IsCompiled”: true,
“LicenseUrl”: null,
“ProjectUrl”: null,
“Id”: “cicd-test_Tests”,
“Arguments”: {
“Input”: null,
“Output”: null

However when I try to delete it,‘cicd-test_Tests%3A1.0.135189795’), I get the result below

“message”: “Package is referred in active processes and cannot be deleted.”,
“errorCode”: 1013,
“traceId”: “00-46ae7961538be140863819aa32872351-a2aa5eb26d282f9c-01”,
“resourceIds”: null

There are few other methods like removing from orch feed like below

If you would like to delete from orchestrator then would recommend to have a view on this video for steps

But if u would like to delete only with api then let us know so that we can discuss further on this

Cheers @Alvin_Evans

I know how to delete a package, my problem is I have no process attached to the package, but it still shows as active so it will not delete. Also just FYI I am using cloud orchestrator. So I don’t have access to the database.