Not able to delete Packages in Orchestrator

Hi All,

I am trying to delete packages in UiPath Orchestrator. but I am getting this error "Modifying this process is not possible at the moment. because there are active jobs associated with it(#166)"

I have checked that no jobs are running in JOBS also no jobs are scheduled in SCHEDULES .

Please help me to solve this issue. Thanks in advance.

Please delete the jobs where and all these packages are associated.
The jobs are not to be mandatory in running. If you are using these packages in any of the associated jobs, you can’t delete them.

Karthik Byggari

can you please specify the location ?
I can see nothing in schedules.


Hi @ronak

You are having some active jobs with the packages which you are trying to delete. In the screenshot you shared you have filtered the jobs to show jobs of last day. Hence the previous jobs are not shown. So delete the processes and jobs first. Then try removing the associated packages. It will work for you…

Let know how it goes


@Lahiru.Fernando Thanks :slight_smile: I can see out of 4, 1 Job is running since 22 days rest all in pending state.

I have killed all 4 jobs , 3 are stopped and Status of one job is still showing terminating .


It may take some time since they started a long time back. Keep refreshing the page. It will stop eventually…