Can't define dropdown list source in VB - UiPath Apps

Hi all,

I seem to be stuck…
I created an app in App Studio(in Automation Cloud), chose VB as expression language(not legacy). I’m trying to add a dropdown containing a list of options.
The documentation states that for the list source ‘Valid data types include arrays of String, Integer…etc.’.
So i created an Array of String(Text) app variable and tried using that as List source and it doesn’t work.
The expression editor for List source has ‘ListSource(of T)/ Fetch’ as expected type, so i cannot simply use the array i created. Screenshot attached.

Any help is welcome and appreciated.
Thank you!

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Same issue here. Cannot use static dropdown due to the issue.


Please use the VB expression function as below to define static value.

AppsDataSource.from(New List(Of String) From {“Value 1”, “Value 2”, “Value 3”})

Basically you need to assign value to app data source and create a new list of string as above.


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Thank you very much, it worked. Based on your answer i could also use the String() variable i had created, like so:


@Serban ,

amazing, next level. !!! Keep doing and sharing.


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