Can't declare "row" in a "For each row in Database"

Hey guys, I saw another topic called “Row not Declared” and I basically had the same problem.
I can solve it using CurrentRow, but is it really the same thing, cause I was watching a class from UIPath and the teacher used “Row”, and instead of “For each row in DataBase” he just had “For each row”, can you tell me if there are any differences or is it just an update and from now on I’m supposed to use “CurrentRow”?

Thanks for you time!

in newer versions for each row in datatable is the new activity replacing the for each row activity
as you have defined the variable name CurrentRow for the looped row, you will use it later also, when interacting with the row.

So change row("Name…to CurrentRow("Name…

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(Or) you can change the “CurrenRow” to “row” so that you no need to change the other values below. either thing works :slight_smile: Cheers…

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Let’s go one by one

Yeah earlier it was called FOR EACH ROW and in the new version it renamed as FOR EACH IN DATABASE

So it’s just renamed and there is no difference in its way of working

And for this

As said above it is update and it’s fine to continue with Currentrow or with row

I could see you have used row inside the loop as it’s variable
And if you are trying to use the same row variable in multiple places within the loop then change as row at the top so that it will change all over the loop

Hope this would help you

Cheers @To_Paulo

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Yes, it did. Thank you very much!

Thank you!

Thanks for the help!

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