Can't assign Region variable to Click activity ClippingRegion

The pop-up description says it accepts pos/neg numbers, and only Region variables. I created/assigned a Region variable, however, it does not stay in the input box.

Does anyone know how to use a Region variable in a ClippingRegion Target bock for Click Activity?


I may have solved this in a weird way - but still seems odd that I cannot “assign” the ClippingRegion of an activity with a Region variable (previously assigned from an Element variable.)

IE. WaitforIMagetoAppear outputs to an Element variable. That element variable, you have:
varElement.ClippingRegion - you can then assign this to a Region (type) variable
ASSIGN: varRegion = varElement.ClippingRegion

However, I can’t use varRegion in the Tarhet->ClippingRegion input of the Click Activity - just dissapears.

I did find, however, that if I assign the element, which has the ClippingRegion built in, to the Click Activity, it uses the clipping region. So, my issue is solved, but I wonder why you can’t set the Activity ClippingRegion directly with a ClippingRegion variable (as UIPath Studio directly says you can).

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