Set clipping region

Hello all,
I have got through all clipping region topics and still don’t understand it well.
My questions are:
1- What is meant by set clipping region is a “shared resource”?
2- How this activity affects the region of UI element as it doesn’t pass any output or anything?
3- In the Relative scraping, how the set clipping region works? I mean how it gets the position of the anchor and then translates it to clipping region and then know the position of the target? Really how it is done?
4-What is the difference between different direction [top, right, translate,…] and how to know what to choose?
*Set Clipping region guide really needs more information to add :pray::pray:


Hi there,

have you gone through this?

Clipping region

The solution is marked as solved and it might give you more insight.

Tell me whether it gives you a better understanding.


Thank you @Raghavendraprasad for your reply,
I have already tried this one, Now I got that you pass the element variable to the set clipping region activity or place the activity inside attach window, this regarding point 2.
I hope you help me with the rest.
Thank you

check this example it may help