Cant able to read Asset Value in Read range activity

I created Excel file path in Asset value of type “text” in orchestrator and used Get Asset Activity & also created variable to pass the value (excel file path)

but i cannot able to read the excel in Read Range Activity. What should i do? Anyone pls help!!

Hi @Aswini_mano

In get asset activity in the asset name you need to place the name of the asset not the variable

In the properties of get asset you need to create a variable so that the value os stored in it

Hi @Aswini_mano

What are you storing in the asset? is it Excel File Path or the range.
If it’s excel file path Pass that variable in the Use excel file and in read range give the below condition:
If you want a specified range then:

Hope you understand!!

Hi @Aswini_mano

If you want to indicate the sheet in excel
You need to manually replace the variable with the filepath for indicating the sheet
Later replace the file path with your variable

or try other way

mention range in read range as = Excel.Sheet(“Sheet1”) you can change the sheet1 with which ever sheet you want

I’m storing excel file path in the asset. I did as you said but cant able to read excel.

(Excel sheet name is “Sheet1”)

Thank you for the reply. But kindly recheck the screenshot posted. I have done what you said. By doing manually its working but using asset from orchestrator i cant able to read the excel.


Can you print the value once and share it once

Str_ExcelFilepath variable before of use excel file.

Ok i think can you check value of asset
After get asset activitiy
And shrare the value

Hope this helps

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Hi @Aswini_mano

While giving the path in tha asset make sure you don’t give it in double quotes and just give only the path.


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Yes resolved now Thank you

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