Cannot use string/generic variable in Type Into activity


This part works

Actually im adding an sql query as a string with ‘Arr’ which is a variable and whenever i do that, this error pops up


@KP6689 Can you show us the Input String which gives the Error?

pls share the sql query. Issue could be a related to variable concatenation with single/double quotes.

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Query.txt (430 Bytes)

Arr is a string that I’m trying to pass in the query but have failed everytime.

Im trying to convert values in column in this format ‘a’,‘b’,‘c’ and then these will be fed to Arr.

Please help in this too.

@KP6689 Were you able to get the Output when you have passed the Query in a Straight line?

that was something weird that happened, it kept clicking the query button, after every entry

Main.xaml (54.3 KB)

thats my query and im doing the screen automation for clicking the Sql workbench and Type Into Query and then Run it

Why do you have two double quotes at the end of the expression? You need only one.

Karthik Byggari

sorry, Im kinda lost in there, which double quotes are you referring to?

"(" + Arr + ")"

You had used two double quotes like this ")""

this is more like the one that was getting punched:

“Select local_day as Txn_Date, merchant_grp as group
from datalake.table
Where trim(trn) In (”+Arr+“)”

maybe since i copied it directly from editor, it became like that