Cannot see new tenant in the Studio

Hi, I have created new Tenant in my organization. I also created and configured folder there. But when I try to use Orchestrator HTTP request and I want to fill the field Orchestrator Folder Path I don’t see any folders from new Tenant only from default. How to make new tenant visible for studio?

Thank you,

Hello @nika

Can you click on Refresh after clicking on Orchestrator icon on the blue bottom bar?
If you’re not able to see still then can you restart studio?
If still you’re not able to see then just disconnect and reconnect the Orchestrator from the Assistant, ensure you’ve closed studio instances.


Oh, thank you so much for your reply. The solution is just to choose the appropriate Tenant in the UiPath Assistant. I literally searched everywhere but didn’t think to search in the UiPath Assistant. Thank you so much again

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