Cannot install package (Google Workspace) due to old process version

Hello everyone, I am encountering a problem in UiPath Studio.

I wan’t to install a package called Google Workspace into one of my processes.

In the image just below, you can see that in a process created recently (with Studio version 23.10) I have access to this package and can install it.

But when I open another process that was created in an older UiPath Studio version (Version 19.10), I can’t find it even if it is opened in the 23.10 UiPath Studio.

You can see down below that when I search for the package in this older process, it doesn’t find the package I am searching for (It is not already installed in the process).

I have think about updating the process but there are no ressources about how to update a process to higher version.

HI @gpla

Search like GSuite and check once



Thank you very much, all of this was only about the package name.

It solved my problem.

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