Cannot import arguments for invoked workflows


I just updated my project dependencies to the latest versions, and now I cannot import arguments in my process. I’ve checked that all packages have installed ok, and I’ve restarted my project, but I cannot set arguments.


How can I resolve this?

Try adding a new Invoke Workflow activity and see if the buttons are there.


Remove that workflow and drag and drop it again


Same result.

I’ve rolled back to uipath.system.activities 21.10.2 and the buttons have returned, though it does give me some trepidation about upgrading in future.

Hi @TJ_automates create another sequence and drag that invoke workflow.

I’ve had to update to 21.10.3 and this has reoccurred. Adding the invoke again does not work and I don’t want to have to recreate my entire project.

I’ll note too that I can’t set arguments to pass into add queue item using item collection now either. Is there an issue with dictionaries?

Unfortunately I am unable to roll back to 22.10.2 this time as I have unresolved activities when I try to.