Cannot get RPA Developer - SAP Automation Training

Hi, I completed the SAP Automation Training for the RPA Developer course…however I can’t get the completed status for this specific course.
In the specific course tab, I get this locked icon

Even though I completed the quiz.
Can you please help me?

Hi @Stefano_Meola


Please help

Ashwin S

Hi @Stefano_Meola
Hmmm let me invite here @cosminSimion.

Guys I just refreshed the page and got the % completion.
I think there is a downtime upgrade time that occur sometimes?

I dunno what to say, thank you very much altogether


it’s a bug while you are passing so fast the sessions, it’s happens sometimes, the solution is these that you realized, refresh the page and that’s all.


Hi Fernando, I mean, it’s the first thing that I tried, also to exit the webpage and reenter, logoff/logon etc…
It’s really weird

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