Cannot generate different random numbers consecutively

I try to generate several different random numbers through a while loop as follows: new Random (). Next (0.99999)

Each time the same random number results consecutively many times, then another random number, also many times…etc.

How can I generate in a loop each time a different random number?

And 2nd: How can I generate numbers and letters in the same expression? For example a password


New Random(System.DateTime.Now.Millisecond).Next(0.99999)

Hello Thomas,

Thank you for the reply.
Unfortunately the same thing results. The random is replicated in an average of 5 rows until it changes.

any other recommendations?




  • generate new number and add it to a list
  • remove duplicated random number from the list
  • repeat it till the list has reached the defined length of random numbers

find starter help here:
GenerateRandomNumbers_N_Unique.xaml (5.8 KB)


Random letters can be created by random numbers and the chr(intLetterCode) function

Also have alook here:

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Hey Peter,

you have been very helpful. Thanks!

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