Cannot Find UI Element

I am receiving an error when trying to perform a Select in a Save As dialog box. Trying to change the Save as Type to “All Files (.)”. Is there a preferred way to perform this action than the Select Activity?

Select Item ‘combo box Save as type:’: Cannot find the UI element corresponding to this selector:


I am able to select without any problem

Check below

Which browser are you trying? I am trying on Chrome and it is working file

share your error screenshot


Using IE due to the app requires Internet Explorer.


I tried with IE and the result is same, It worked for me

But i see that you have try to make selector dynamic, which is not correct

check below

Hope this selector works for you


Still giving me the error, but it’s working. Wierd.

Hi , Please check that you have the required plug-in, installed for the browser.

Is there a plug-in for IE? I thought it was for Chrome and Edge only.