Cannot find the part of the filepath error while deleting the .xlsx files

Hi Team,

i am getting an error while trying to delete the files from the network drive path as cannot find the part of the path … i have checked the path manually it is able to access and open desired path but using code it is not able to do it.

\\\common$\gggg\APS\Public RW\PROCESOS 2021 (no borrar)\2022\4.- eP3\Comparativo yyyy realizadas\Documento Base\

This is the path …just to post the query i have made slight folder name changes in the path

HI @vishal_nachankar

Have you give the Filepath + Filename with extention?

Check out this thread


Hi @vishal_nachankar

Try add File Exists Activity passing the full pass of the file.

And put delete file in a if activity checking the result above

If the workflow goes to false branch then the file path is not correct and you need check

Hi @vishal_nachankar ,

have you tried check path exist
if path exists → remove
else → notify to user