Why am I getting "Could not find file" error?

I am trying to delete all files in a directory, except pdf files, but I am getting this error “Could not find file ‘XXXXXXX’” and it does not make sense, because it does exist!

I have a folder from which I want to delete all files and all folders in it unless it is a .pdf file. I am retrieving all file/folder paths, and using Delete activity, but it is throwing an exception and it doesn’t make sense to me.
Below is my workflow.

@Create variable di of type System.IO.DirectoryInfo
@Assign: di = new DirectoryInfo(“folder path come here”)
@For Each file (of type FileInfo) in di.GetFiles {
… … If (Not file.Name.Contains(".pdf") Then {
… … … … Delete: property -> Path: file.Name
… … }
… }

Why does this return the exception such as
Delete: Could not find file "C:\XXXX\XXXX\XXXX\XXXX.txt"

The exception says any non-PDF files or folders don’t exist, and hence they cannot delete it. but it is there! I mean, it is there, that is why it is collecting all paths… but I cannot delete it. Doesn’t make sense.


Could you try once again. I guess it is trying to delete the same file again. Could you please take screenshot of your process flow once and show me.

Hi @tomato25

Use assign activity

String strarray= ```
Path.GetFileName( Path.GetDirectoryName( path ) );

use for each item in str array 

Check if condition (item.toString.Contains("filename.pdf")
use delete file

Ashwin S


In the first Assign activity, I am giving it a correct path to the folder.


and no, it is not trying to delete the same file or folder again, because those files and folders never get deleted and I still see them in the folder…

hi @tomato25

before that use path exists activity and pass the file where the file exists or not

then use delete file

Ashwin S


Just specify path as file instead of file. Name in Delete activity and then try again.

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Just to rule this out, add a count to your fileinfo array, then get the same array but use the .Distinct() method to get an ienumerable of only distinct values. Then do a count and make sure the counts are the same to ensure there aren’t any duplicates in your array

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This is a bit too much work because I am retrieving all file paths using di.GetFiles, so it doesn’t really make sense to check if the path exists…kind of redundant.

I gave it a try. Sure it removed the exception, but it is not deleting non-pdf files.


Have you tried my solution as mentioned in the above my post ?

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Since file is of type System.IO.FileInfo, I get a validation error:

Compiler error(s) encountered processing expression “file”.
Value of type “System.IO.FileInfo” cannot be converted to “String”.


In the assign activity, try below expressions and pass result to for each loop to iterate one by one file.


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Assign: arrDistinct (of Type IEnumerable) = di.GetFiles.Distinct
Message Box: "arrDistinct.Count: " + arrDistinct.Count.ToString + System.Environment.NewLine + "di.GetFiles.Count: " + di.GetFiles.Count.ToString

The result:

And here is the folder content:

I need to remove everything but sampleX.pdf files.

I used your way, and it worked and it removed the files.
However, I am still wondering what was wrong with my original plan of using DirectoryInfo and FileInfo, and I don’t get why I was getting the exception.

Also, now my next question is, how can I remove zip folder? Sometimes. this folder gets zip folder stored, but I have to remove zip folder too.

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