Cannot find Testing Tab in Orchestrator

Hey there,

I’m facing the issue that I cannot find the Testing tab in Orchestrator that is described in the documentation under Test Sets
I set my test cases to publishable and the upload was successful.

I use studio version 2022.4

May have to change folder to something other than personal workspace like “Default” for it to appear

In all created folders there is no Testing tab.

Do I understand it correctly that TestSuite is an onBoard testing possibility in UiPath Studio? Or do we need a test manager license to manage created TestCases via Orchestrator?

EDIT: We use on-prem orchestrator

under manage access → roles ->your assigned folder role, do you have the required permissions?

but normally if you do not have the required permission (test set) you should still be able to see the testing tab, just that its greyed out

These permissions don’t show in the list. So I assume that we need a test manager license?!

dont think so, testing tab is available in the default Orchestrator web interface and can be accessed by any user with the appropriate permissions.

check tenant settings if you have at least 1 or more testing runtimes assigned to your tenant

I already tried to find it. We only have the options to use an unattended or an attended runtime. Test Runtime is not available.

might be an issue with your on-prem installation, do you remember if you guys enabled test automation when installing?

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I asked my colleague about the installation. You are right. Test automation wasn’t installed. Thank you very much for the info :grin:

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no problem! good luck!

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