Cannot 'Extract as UI Library Project'

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When I try to click on the button to ‘Extract as UI Library Project’ here for UiDemo (as shown in the course video), I get the following error:
I can’t find anything anywhere that addresses this error. What is going on?

The Academy courses are based on (sadly, very) old versions and since we can no longer create Windows Legacy projects (.net45) it won’t let you create the new library project.

You could try manually converting your project to Windows and then work from that for the course.

OK. Could the academy courses be updated to take this into account? It’s difficult and frustrating going through these courses when a good portion of the content is outdated and I have to find a workaround, which isn’t ideal while trying to learn these tools.

I agree, especially when the tests have been updated. I’m waiting until Academy has been updated to try to pass the advanced again.