Cannot Create New Project




Major novice here. When I click the process icon to create a new project i can choose a file as normal etc. Then when I try to create the file, it pulls this error…

I’ve tried to fix it including deactivating anti-virus, but nothing works. any ideas? This is my first day using UiPath so maybe I downloaded wrong??



Might be permission issues, did you tried creating in D drive aswell ??



Some of the template packages will be missing from the packages folder. add them there. It will work.
If you go to this folder, you can see a json file already created but xaml will not be created.

Other way is to create the project folder and place a already created xaml file in there. open the file and start creating the workflows you want. But this is a temporary fix for only that particular project. Again if you want to create new project, you will see same issue.