Cannot Create New Project


Major novice here. When I click the process icon to create a new project i can choose a file as normal etc. Then when I try to create the file, it pulls this error…

I’ve tried to fix it including deactivating anti-virus, but nothing works. any ideas? This is my first day using UiPath so maybe I downloaded wrong??

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Might be permission issues, did you tried creating in D drive aswell ??


Some of the template packages will be missing from the packages folder. add them there. It will work.
If you go to this folder, you can see a json file already created but xaml will not be created.

Other way is to create the project folder and place a already created xaml file in there. open the file and start creating the workflows you want. But this is a temporary fix for only that particular project. Again if you want to create new project, you will see same issue.

I am also facing the same problem after re-installing windows 10 on my laptop. When tried to open my old uipath files they didn’t work.Files are now converted into project (Json) format and no xaml file is present.
Kindly suggest the best possible way to recover my lost data and with this I can proceed further.
Thanks :slightly_smiling_face: