Cannot create bot after installing the orchestrator

Couldn’t able to create bot after install the orchestrator. And cannot access the settings. Please refer the screeshots.

I can see that is a unlicensed orchestrator, you have to buy orchestrator and robots from UiPath and upload the license, then you will be able to create robots.
For training purposes you can use

Dont we have any trial versions of orchestrator enterprise eddition?

As far as I know, you can install orchestrator, but you won’t be able to create robots because no license is uploaded. For trial and training purposes, there are: and If you need a special requirement, you should contact UiPath vendor team.

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Ok noted.could you please tell me how to upload orchestrator license.we have tried more times with below link guidance

That’s the guide indeed. If you have bought robots and orchestrator from UiPath, you have received the license key and that’s the one you will use to follow those steps. It should work, in case it don’t, contact support center. Contact Technical Support