Cannot create an instance of Office365ApplicationScope - Could not load type 'Microsoft.Identity.Client

Getting the below error when trying to drag and drop Microsoft Office 365 Scope activity.
Cannot create an instance of Office365ApplicationScope
Microsoft Office 365 Scope: Could not load type ‘Microsoft.Identity.Client Version=’


We tried changing version of MicrosoftOffice365 package. Still getting the same error.

Hi @MariaJosephina

Could you try renaming these folders with Studio closed, and then trying out with a new, blank Studio project and a freshly installed package?


It could be that some cache files of the packages got corrupted / outdated.

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Solution :
It appears that somehow the package Microsoft.Identity.Client is missing from packages folder.
So download it from here and place it in your Studio packages folder (Copy C:\Program Files\UiPath\Studio\ Packages)

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