Unable to right click in Selector Editor and add variable and also my input dialog does not show all options

Hi all, I have just started using UIpath and following a beginners tutorial, currently working on the application and selectors lesson.

On my UIpath I do not have all of the options for the Input Dialog, I am wanting to put a variable in the value entered option but can’t seem to find this in my properties. When I try to put the variable in options it comes up with an error.

The other issue I have is the edit selector, on the tutorial the teacher is able to right click and add variable on mine I am unable to right click and when i type out so it is the same as the teachers it does not validate.

Thanks in advance, the solution maybe easy. I have just started using UIpath.

I’m assuming that you are using an older version of System Packages. Try updating your package to the latest. See below screenshot for further illustration.


Did you already create a variable in the variables pane? You can only add variables that already exist. It won’t create them and add them to the selector at the same time.

Hi thank you this has worked!