Cannot add System.Int32 to System.String

Not able to add two span data scraped from web, used the method explained in uiPath academy rpa developer course i.e by using sum= 0+Span2+Span1.

Span1 is of generic type
Span2 is also of generic
sum is also of generic.

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Buddy @Anubhav_Ghildiyal

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Try like this buddy
sum = Convert.ToInt32(Span2)+Convert.ToInt32(Span1)


Hi @Anubhav_Ghildiyal - Instead of Generic Type change that to Int32 where you declare the Variables.


Thanks for the replies but it isn’t working.

What is the error you’re facing?

did taht work buddy @Anubhav_Ghildiyal

0+Span1+Span2 worked, the issue is with the selectors that’s why it’s not able fetch the data when I search for something else. Then it returns that error. Sorry but my bad. Still thank you all.

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I tried to do the same that you mentioned but a new error appears.