Get data from stock exchange and getting difference: error: cannot add system.int32 with system.string

My code is here Sequence.xaml (18.6 KB)

I want to get data from MSTF historic prices(day before yesterday and yeaterday) and subtract it and show the difference. I done through web recording… but when I subtract, I used 0+ before it. but it shows error: cannot add system.int32 with system.string

Pls help

@nanrajj Try below workflow i have done some edit to ur workflow, it might work.

Sequence.xaml (18.4 KB)

You are trying to add into with string, this means one side of + symbol is integer data type and the other side is string, should convert both of them to int using convert.Toint32(yourString?


Thanks for the reply.
it works with specific selector for particular value but for the generic selector
Pls check my workflow and for get data,check my selector also…
Hope so u can help meSequence.xaml (18.6 KB)

I tried, it shows error. pls check my work flowSequence.xaml (18.6 KB)