Cannot access target process elevated privileges might be required Error


I am getting an error “cannot access target process elevated privileges might be required” when trying to Indicate UiElement using GetText Activity. Attached is the error screenshot. IE 11 is the browser. Working on Assignment task in UiPath for Security Hash.

Running the Uipath Application as Administrator. Please let me know how to solve this issue. Not able to proceed with the Assignment since UiElement selection is giving this error.


Hope this would help you buddy

Cheers @mailsmithash


The error is still seen , even after making the above changes in the compatibility Tab


Could you please restart the machine and try it once.

Yes i restarted the machine and tested , the error is still seen.
Windows OS : Windows 7
IE : 11
UiPath Version: 2019.5.0

This issue is resolved now.

  1. Checked the IE properties for restoring to previous versions of IE in the ‘Properties’.
    2.Installed a higher version of UiPath as well 2019.16.0.
    3.Also modified the compatilbility settings for UiPath icon. Restarted the server.
  2. Selected the OS in UiPath compatibility settings to be run for, same as what is set in the IE compatibility setting.

It seems to be working fine now. Not getting the error anymore. Thanks for your inputs.


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