How to make a user admin

Hi Experts,
I have registered for UI path free trail and installed UiPath Community Edition.
Working on an SAP Automation, while create any field references screenshots it says that “Cannot access target application. Elevated privileges might be required.
Try running UiPath Studio as an administrator”

If I run UiPath application as Administrator (by right clicking the application → Run as Administrator) I am not able to sign in. Access denied error message appears.

Kindly assist on this issue



You mean not able to indicate any element in SAP Application ? Did you enable script on both client and server side ? If not then enable script first and then check once.

Yes, I have enabled scripting. Still I am not able to indicate any elements

HI @kritk

To be able to understand your automation challenge better, please share following information:

  • SAP WinGUI version
  • SAP WinGUI transaction
  • UiPath Studio version
  • UiPath UiAutomation Activity version

In addition share the following screenshots:

  • SAP WinGUI screenshot - Full screen (you can blurry the business information)
  • SAP UiPath Studio - selectors of SAP element

Best regards, Lev

Hi Lev,

  • SAP WinGUI version:
    Component SAP Logon for Windows
    Release 760 Final Release
    File Name saplogon.exe
    File Version 7600.1.5.1161
    Build 1985009
    Patch Level 5
    Hotfix 1

  • SAP WinGUI transaction: spro

  • UiPath Studio version: v2022.4

  • UiPath UiAutomation Activity version
    System.activities - v22.4.1
    UIAutomation.activities - v22.4.4


Selectors of “Call Transaction”


HI @kritk

can you use please simple Type Into activity, select the field with User name and share the screenshot?

Or use UI Explorer and click on User Name field.

That I can see, what you will get? Error? some selectors?

Thanks, Lev

Hi Lev,

I have used Type Into and this is working fine.

Below is the selectors from Type Into activity:

<wnd cls='SAP_FRONTEND_SESSION' title='SAP Easy Access - User Menu for XX' />
<sap id='tbar[0]/okcd' />


Great, @kritk

This confirms, that SAP Scripting is correctly installed and enabled on Server and Client side - no issues here. Very good.

Now back to you issue: when it is happening? what error you see? how your SAP WinGUI is running (is this VM, CITRIX, or local?) (screenshot of error?)

Hi Lev,

I am working on the local version, none of the SAP related activities like SAP Login, Call Transaction is working. It gives the error message as UI Element not found.


Screenshot of the message?

Sorry late response. It the message above, you have spoken about “Elevated privileges”. This can be a case.

You have to run Studio and SAP WinGUI in the same mode, either both Elevated or both “not Elevated”, otherwise there is a conflict on Windows level.

From SAP security point of view there are 2 prerequisites for automation:

  • SAP WinGUI and Automation tool has to use the same user.
  • SAP WinGUI and Automation tool has to have the same elevation privileges.

Please double check it.

Best regards, Lev

Hi Lev,

Yes, Same user is accessing SAP and UiPath. Can you please guide me on how to check about this elevated privileges?

Hi @kritk

Go to Task Manager and see SAPLogon and UiPath, there are 2 columns.

Share your screenshot

Best regards, Lev

Hi Lev,
Please find the below,

@kritk to much blurry :slight_smile: What is the level of ELEVATED for SAP? please share screenshot again. Thanks, Lev

Hi Lev,

Elevated is blank

Let me check with my team and come back to you

Hi @kritk

Can you run Task Manager again with Administrator privileges and share the screenshots?

Basically, for security reasons, UiPath Studio/Robot must run under the same username and same privilege level as SAP WinGUI (saplogon.exe).

Best regards,

Hi Lulian,

Below are screenshots taken with admin privileges