Can we use Test Manger without test suite?

hi there,

I was working on a case study in which wanted to check if we can use the test manager without the test suite in enterprise edition. Can anyone help me with this ?

Hi @pavithra_pavi,

can you please explain your use case a bit more?

As far as I understood you want to use test manager like a Jira in your business but without using UiPath testing?


Yes. Im trying to do a case study where i can use test manager without test suite.

My first question here is, is that possible? because, as far as my studies on this goes, i could only get that, test suite is needed for test manager. I could be wrong, Do you happen to have any knowledge about this?


the wohle thing is “The Test Suite”, Test Manager is a part of it. It is not possible to install Test Manager standalone since it has at least to be connected to orchestrator:

Hi @anob ,

Thank you for the this Architecture diagram!. This will help my case study alot!!.

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