Can we use images as cases in switch activity?

I need to use images in the switch case activity. When an image appears on the screen, switch case must detect which image(case) appears on the screen.

I m not sure how far it will work with Switch
But did we try with FIND IMAGE MATCH activity

Cheers @MadLadFuryRoad

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Hi @Palaniyappan ,
I don’t think find image matches will work for me.
There are 5 different images in my case. If image 1 appears I need to do a set of tasks. If image 2 appears I need to do a different set of tasks.
So do you have any suggestions on how to go forth with this?


Hi @MadLadFuryRoad

You can use nested if activity to do the task
Based on anchor base and element exists

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You could do a Pick activity, with 5 different Pick Branch activities, where the triggers are “On Element Appear” or “On Image Appear”