How to pass paramters through startjob api in 18.3 beta version


I have json body as below

I have a process created in orchestrator. When i call startjob api , i need to pass above caseType , user etc. parameter values through orchestrator api

Should i use body like below when calling startjob api
“startInfo”: {
“ReleaseKey”: “429cf1cc-283c-424f-a935-43f72c2ca719”,
“RobotIds”: [121],
“JobsCount”: 0,
“Strategy”: “Specific”,
“InputArguments”: “{“caseType”:“OUTAGE”,“user”:“SYSUSER”}”

Do i need declare parameters in orchestrator process?

How can i give the “characteristics” as inputArguements?Main.xaml (6.2 KB)
project.json (796 Bytes)

For passing Orchestrator API arguments, refer below link.

If you want to pass input values for bot, use Orchestrator queues.

And for passing credentials or other process related variables, use Orchestrator Assets.

HI Vivek, Thanks for your reply. we have new enhancements in 18.3 beta version which supports passing parameter values through startjob API without adding those in assets.


Starting a Job with Custom Values for Input Parameters

Can you please let me know where do i need to declare this parameter values in orchestrator or in studio

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