Can we get URL format

Some of the URLs might be landing as image, gif,video…etc etc. Can we get the format of the URL like whether it is image, gif, etc etc


Share some sample urls, which you are pointing to


this is an image.sometimes it might be gif


It can be possible by placing the Get Attribute activity

select “tag”, It will return VIDEO


For Image

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If it’s always Vine URLs that you use, you could use “Element Exists” to find Video/Photo player and make an If statement accordingly? Or you could use Find Element to get the body of the page, and do some validation and use Switch on the returned object’s parameters? :nerd_face:

URL is not constant. Only single image/gif/video will be opened in new web page

Ok how to print the o/p of find element

You could use this answer to check which attributes are available (Convert UiPath.Core.UiElement to text - #5 by vvaidya). (Use his command in a write line activity to get a list of attributes)

You could then use this answer to check the contents of the attributes. (Show Value of all available Attributes for a given UI element - #2 by msan)

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