I want to extract the image url form a class

in the below url i need the urls of the images that are present in photos : Lakshmi Apartments in T Nagar, Chennai: Price, Brochure, Floor Plan, Reviews (magicbricks.com)

by using find children activity how can we extract the set of images in

#localityGalleryId > div.gallery-modal__body > div.gallery-modal__photo-gallery.show-slides > div:nth-child(1)

send me a sample xml file of flow

Hi ,to get the url of images from a website you can use get attribute activity.

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check the reference

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Hello @Adithyeshwar_goud
Indicate the image using get attribute activity and use “src” to get the image link

Refer to this xaml file you may get some idea.
Forum_GetImgURL.zip (650.4 KB)

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i need to get the data of all the images in the site guys

We can model the bot for the following

  • Click on the image for opening the gallery
  • repeated click on next till end

With this actions all images are loaded and we can scrap the src, other infos e.g.

  • Find children
  • Data Scraping


[HowTo] Data Scraping - Advanced Configuration - Text Field, Image Source, Url, CSS Classname, Hover text - News / Tutorials - UiPath Community Forum


bro can you share the flow if possible.
:smile: cheers.

Was done at quick check level, without outcoming XAML

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in find children activity how did you select the class can you explain please

we can optimize but starting in this direction:

Find children
Find children selector points to:

<webctrl tag='DIV' class='gallery-modal__body' />

can you please send me selector and flow. if you possible

bro can you please spare some of your time to send me the xml file of find children sequence.

i am going to get the data from following sheet
magic brick dt.xlsx (791.5 KB)

the urls are from column Building name Url

just share your XAML and we will have a look on it.
From our end quick done prototypes are quick disposed as the next case comes into the RnD Box
However relevant settings are shown also within the screenshots

bro i am using community version and it is latest version

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