Can we create bar graphs and charts from excel data in UiPath?

Hi @lulu75,

Here is the output …

I am doing lot of changes in the graph. I have attached the pre release one. I have attached the actual one which is in here.


Thanks @Palaniyappan for your such helpful answers. I have created the chart using Invoke VBA. Now I want the chart to be displayed at a particular location in the sheet i.e H2 onwards.How can I do that. Thanks in advance for your time.

we can create excel charts using “Insert Excel chart” of StudioX in the UiPath Studio.

Then , inside the use excel of studiox,

My sheetname is “nasik”, so excel.sheet.item(“nasik”).

excel sheet output :slightly_smiling_face:


This was so helpful. Thank you!

Balareva activities are great and useful! thank you very much to create sir!

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