Can we automte T rex dino game of google?

What is the logic of object detection in-game how to press space, down and up arrows??

As the Chrome dino runs, we caught up with the Googlers who built it (


He is asking once no internet then google will show some dino for that is there anyway to automate that process through uipath?

Ah. I guess sending keys is pretty obvious; for object detection you could use some sort of Find Image but I think it will be too slow to be viable. But if you restrict the search area enough, it might work

how can detect object for jump ?

Hi @Deepak_Gautam,

As @Cosin rightly pointed out, the game can be automated, but UiPath is not the tool to do it.

A similar question was posted some years ago, not on the Dino game but other online games. Kindly read my response. I go in detail why UiPath would be a bottleneck and not the right tool for game automation.

If you are still interested, paperspace has a nice blog on how to automate the Dino game using Reinforcement Learning. Build an AI to play Dino Run game

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There are some ideas and working prototypes for doing this. You can find them online by searching on various platforms. Some of them even include a hardware component (which is likely not the easiest way to go about doing it, but it does work!).