Can we do game automation using UiPath??

Can we do game automation using UiPath. Please give reply asap

Please check the below url for your game reference

URL :: Play on FOG.COM


I like the idea, let me see if i can achieve it :robot:

same the quesions

any update? can we do game automation? or at least simple task like collecting daily log in bonus?

Hi @Sajid_M and @CSS_tes1,

Although this might sound awesome to automate online games there are two things you need to be aware of.

  1. If the games are quite competitive, I am sure the developers would have some sort of control on bot connections. Lukcy the link provided seems to not do much other than avoid access to the games catalog. You can always check a website url with last part /robots.txt. The developers can block your public IPs indefinitely.

  2. UiPath by itself cannot perform such a dynamic task without the help of a scripting language for example Python. Why? Its because these games require all three stages of human cognition; seeing, interpreting the situation, acting, all this with a quick response time. The automation of such games therefore would fall under AI field aka Intelligent automation.

This is surely possible to do, but is it worth it? That I am not sure. But if you are still interested to explore the solution further, you could try to learn CNN or Reinforcement learning and have a lot of understanding in python programming using the keras or fastai libraries.

That said, here is a starter code, which navigates to the game in the link provided and starts it!
GameAutomation.xaml (37.0 KB)

Extra starter links:
Playing Atari with Deep Reinforcement Learning | DeepMind
Beat Atari with Deep Reinforcement Learning! (Part 0: Intro to RL) | by Adrien Lucas Ecoffet | Becoming Human: Artificial Intelligence Magazine


wow, thank you for the explanation as I am coming from a non-developer background and I am just a beginner, so as a beginner it crossed my mind, that’s why I asked out of curiosity. Once again thank you

Is this real - UiPath Versus Wordle - YouTube seems like great game interaction using UIPath

Hi @Mark_Maltz,

Looking at the video I am guessing at every refresh the author reads the elements and gets all the alphabets available / already used from the options. Then checks how many letter does the word have and then using a possible word and checking with a dictionary you can get possible words (4 words, 5 words) given the possible words.

Off course this is a good example for game automation and author seems to have good grasp over manipulating DOM using JavaScript using node.js.

Such games can be automated using UiPath, but the initial question seems to want to automate some dynamic games like car racing etc.