Can Validation Station help improve the Extractor

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Under the Document Understanding Framework, when manual intervention was made in the Validation Station to correct the extraction results, can those efforts be used to improve or train the Extractor ?

You can use the Train classifier scope after the extraction step which will train the classifier to classify your documents based on the different extraction methods used.

Thanks for your prompt response. For data extraction during the Extract stage, should I use Train Extractor Scope instead ? Are they (Train Classifier Scope) the same ?

Refer this

For now, I guess only Train Classifier scope only we can use.

Thanks, and will stick to Train Classifier Scope for the moment.

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Which extractor are you using? Machine Learning Extractor can be improved using Train Extractors Scope.

I am exploring ML Extractor, and thanks for your further note. Will try the Train Extractors Scope for ML Extractors. Am wondering if ML Extractor also learns by keywords or something more.

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