Can someone help me to send uipath execution logs to database

i want to send UiPath execution logs to database after loot of research i found one method

install package nlog and than go to the program installation folder and find nlog.config and make some changes so its work

but in my case I cannot find any nlog.config file can someone help me to send UiPath execution logs to database


@imumeriqbal you can make nlog.config file in project folder. Did you try that?

yes i tried still nothing happen

other way:

  1. Create a Log Table: In your database.
  2. create a data table to store the execution logs through “Add DataRow” activity. Determine the appropriate schema for the table, including columns for log timestamp, message, severity level, process name, etc. Define the structure according to your specific logging requirements.
  3. Use Bulk Insert Activity to add this table to database.

Did you try this one.